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Tetsu0 Senior Admin posted Apr 25, 16



Rejoice folks, after a lot of delays the construction of KONOHA is now being continued and its now near its completion! Snapshots will be revealed soon. SOON. SOOOON! Look forward for the next update, MORE BUILDINGS, MORE HIDDEN PLACES, MORE FEATURES, MORE AWESOMENESS!!!

Shinobi :OOO!
Kairuto_Sokudo so hyped, cant wait XD

Faith in ShinobiCraft

ZacAwesome Mentor posted Feb 6, 16

Hello fellow Shinobi,

As you know I'm currently serving my national service (army), thus there is a major delay in the server progress.

However, throughout this period, there are still constantly fans and supporters, plus activity on the forums that warms my heart. 

Keep up the spirit as your support will be the source of our motivation in pushing our limits to get the server completed.

Heads up, we are restarting our gears again, so hear from us soon.

Lastly, here's a kick start mission to all Shinobi 

B Rank Mission,

ShinobiCraft needs your help,

Do what you can in your abilities to expand the community and support them by sharing 

and liking ShinobiCraft facebook page [click here] 

The Shinobi World is in your hands now!


8th Hokage,


xPaterox Is this server cana be cracked to? cause i use mineshafter for mods
CosmicSkeleton I'm Going To Post My Character Lore Soon But I Just Wanted To Know When People Will Be Able To Get On It
CosmicSkeleton Does Anyone Know When The Sever Will Be Up Online For People

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ShinobiCraft Teaser Youtube

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Kairuto_Sokudo bruh its excited and XGEAR I am hyped to 11
XGEAR Anyone else hyped?
Mysticalcube48 Im soooooooooooooo exited 4 the server!!!

Heavy Delay

ZacAwesome Mentor posted Apr 9, 15

Latest update:

ShinobiCraft development will be heavily delayed due to our founder having his duties of protecting his country by enlisting in the army, we are sad to say that we will not be able to release as planned, but nonetheless everything will still go on until it will be a successful working awesome role-play server.
All you have to do is to Believe it!

In light of the expected delay, ShinobiCraft still wishes everyone to give their full support and continue staying with us throughout this period.

Please give your well wishes to our former founder! 



ZacAwesome Mentor Currently I couldn't give an exact time frame because I will not know my schedule. Since my entire enlistment will ...
hunterw4 So is it going to be delayed for like another year or two...?

Frequently Asked Questions

ZacAwesome Mentor posted Feb 17, 15

~Frequently Asked Questions~

1. Is the server releasing soon? When are you releasing? How long more? Can we get a time frame?

We are a dedicated team of people trying to bring the best of Naruto to Minecraft, but we are too humans and have our own personal commitments. We are trying our best to make sure that everything is in working order before we release the server so as to provide the best RPG experience. Thus, we regret that we cannot confirm when we are able to get it done. Nonetheless, we are pumping in our efforts into getting things rolling. It is better to under promise and over produce than the opposite. Let's not speculate too much, wait and see. Hopefully it will be mid of this year, hopefully...

2. Is the server F2P or do we need to donate to get certain items, clans, bloodline etc?

This server is a Free2Play RPG server and it will be forever. No donation will make you overpowered. That is power gaming, it strictly prohibited because it is unfair and affects the role-play environment. What you get from donations will be rewards such as game currency, lands etc which do not have full effect on the environment and lore. It is to keep the game aspect fair to all our players, thus no rich fella will be able to dominate the game. Rewards such as items, clans and bloodline can be received if you were to role-play your character well. It will be determined by GMs/ Admins sole discretion.

3. Can I get the map of the server?

Of course you can-not. We have spent countless of hours building this map and server with blood, sweat and I guess a bit of tears? What gives you the right to get your hands on it (and probably make your very own server with it), it stays and stays only with ShinobiCraft itself.

4. Is the server going to be whitelist?

Yes, whitelist will be in place as a form of filter against trollers. Like we said, we want to provide the ultimate RPG experience, thus whitelist is a must!

5. Then how am I going to get whitelisted?

It is very simple. Firstly, you will need to create your own character. By creating your own character, it means that you have to put on your thinking caps and write a character biography that includes his personalities, past history, strengths and weakness etc. We recommend you to be creative with your character, and it should be original. Any forms of plagiarism will not be tolerated and you will result in permanent ban if caught doing so. Why copy others when you have the freedom to make your own? Like so, no characters should be from the Naruto anime itself. You cannot roleplay as existing characters from Naruto. Only when we deem your character is worthy to be part of ShinobiCraft story, you will be accepted and whitelist. HURRAY!

6. Can I still join without creating a character?

No you may not!

7. Will ShinobiCraft be using MagicSpell Plugins?

Sadly, we will not be making use of the magicspells plugins. Honestly it is a cool plugin but we find it too simple and mainstream. We have contacted and join forces with one of the best Naruto modder out there. Check out his FB page SEKWAH41. He will be part of the team as a senior admin and the main coder. ShinobiCraft will be the official server for his mod, though you are free to play around with the mod in single player.

8. What is planned for the mod?

Currently, we have generated a lot of ideas for the future of the mod. We shall not disclose, but be sure to look forward to more action and diversification.

That is all can think about for now. Feel free to ask more questions and I will update this FAQ if deemed necessary!

ShinobiCraft Dev Team Mentor

Kairuto_Sokudo do I need to download the mod for the server when its up and are there any there any other mods?
ville1001 where do i post my character?
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